How To Save Money On Prescription Drugs

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There are two main areas where you can save money on prescription drugs. One is by finding out ways to spend less on the prescription drugs that you need to take and the other is by reducing the amount and/or number of prescription drugs you currently take. We look at a number of money saving opportunities under both these headings so you can try to maximize your savings in both areas.

For you to get the medication that you need at a price that you can afford, you need to take an active role in reducing the costs associated with the prescription medicines you take. There are a number of opportunities available to cut these prescription costs if you take an active approach.


Pfizer has announced a new program to help eligible unemployed Americans and their families continue receive their Pfizer brand medications at no cost.

The program, called MAINTAIN (Medicines Assistance for Those who Are in Need) is designed to help recently unemployed Americans and their families who have lost their insurance and who are taking Pfizer medicines to continue treatment at no cost for up to one year. The program will be open for enrollment through December 31, 2009 and applies to eligible Americans who have become unemployed since January 1. Individuals and their immediate family members are eligible for this program if:

  • The primary wage earner has become unemployed since January 1, 2009;
  • They have been taking a Pfizer medicine for at least 3 months prior to unemployment and enrolling in the program
  • They have no prescription coverage; and
  • They can attest to financial hardship.

Patients who qualify will receive their Pfizer medicines at no cost for up to 12 months or until they become re-insured (whichever occurs first).

More than 70 Pfizer primary care medicines will be available through the program. While the formal list of included medications has not yet been released, it is anticipated to be similar to those available under the Connection to Care program. Enrollment forms may be downloaded here.

To make it easy for people to apply, the program will be integrated into Pfizer’s existing family of patient assistance programs called Pfizer Helpful Answers. All of Pfizer’s patient assistance programs, including the new program, can be reached by calling a single phone number (1-866-706-2400) or by visiting

The new program will be fully operational on July 1, 2009. However, people in need now can call 1-866-706-2400 for help.

You Can Reduce Your Prescription Costs!

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