Another important topic to discuss with your doctor is the appropriate dosages you should be taking of each prescription drug medication. While this may not seem like an area that can save you money at first glance, depending on the dosage there are a number of money saving opportunities.

This is because most prescription drugs have the same price per tablet no matter what the strength. For example, a prescription drug manufacturer that produces a pill with a strength of 50 mg and another of the same medication at 100mg will likely charge the same for each of the pills. Just because one is stronger doesn’t necessarily mean that it is more expensive.

If your current prescription medication calls for you too take multiple tablets at the same tome each day (for example 2 50 mg tablets) and the manufacturer makes the same medication in a stronger dosage, switching to a single 100 mg tablet will likely reduce your prescription cost by 50%.

You Can Reduce Your Prescription Costs!

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