Generic Alternatives

At the same time you review the current prescription drug medications you’re taking, you should talk to your doctor about less expensive alternatives to the prescription medication you need to take. This is especially true for prescription medications that you have been using for a long period of time.

The prescription drug business is quite competitive and new medications are continuously appearing. As techology advances, new and innovative ways to treat certain ailments changes and new information can make your current medication outdated. By discussing your current ailments with your doctor, the two of you may be able to find alternative prescription medications or treatments that are just as effective at a lower cost.

You can also do research on certain prescription medications at this site is run by the same non profit organization that publishes Consumer Reports magazine. They evaluate prescription medicines on effectiveness, safety and cost and give recommendations on the prescription medications that give the best value for the money.

The website currently compares and evaluats prescription medication for high cholesterol, pain relief and heartburn. It plans to expand the categories of prescription medication it compareds to 24 over the next couple of years.

To see how powerful switching to lower cost medication can be, the site indicates a patient needing to lower cholesterol a moderate amount can save as much as $1,300 a year by switching from brand-name cholesterol-lowering medication to lovastatin – a generic brand which is the site’s “best buy.”

Doing a bit of research will give you quality information which you can discuss with your doctor when deciding the best prescription medication for your ailments. Doing your own research will also give you valuable background information on the pricing of different prescription drugs that are used to treat your condition and their pricing.

Becoming more familiar with all the options out there will also let you know if generic brands can be effectively used to treat your condition. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that generic drugs have the same effectiveness as the brand name prescription drugs making them a legitimate alternative for certain types of ailments.

You Can Reduce Your Prescription Costs!

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