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Prescription drug Rx incentives (offers) come in a number of different forms: pharmacy coupons/vouchers (printable or by mail), mail-in rebates, free samples, free gifts, etc. Finding these offers can significantly reduce the cost of the medication and a little time spend finding them can mean hundreds of dollars in savings.

The prescription drug Rx incentives are generally only available before a generic “equivalent” is available. The incentive encourages the consumer to try one a specific brand name medication to treat the condition as opposed to other competing brand name prescription Rx drugs that also treat the same condition. Once a generic equivalent for the brand name prescription is available, incentives are frequently dropped.

The most difficult aspect to finding these coupons and incentives is finding the website where they are available. TV and magazine ads generally provide the URL of the website where these offers can be found.

Many prescription drug offers expand after the first Rx is filled. For example, additional coupons, free gifts, rewards will be given the more times your redeem the coupons(i.e., one allergy medication gives a $5 rebate for every Rx. In addition, they give hypoallergenic pillow covers after two prescription refills, a coupon for an air duct filter after four prescription refills, etc)

One of the most difficult parts about coupons with prescription drugs is that most “sign-up” programs do not tell you the details about what you will receive. Most are written in general terms and state such things as “information, gifts, and savings”. it is only after you register for these programs that you receive the information about the discounts they offer and which specific prescription drug is being promoted. As stated previously, additional gifts and savings only come as more Rx vouchers are redeemed.

In highly competitive prescription drug areas, manufacturer’s frequently create an “information” program about the particular ailment. Consumers then register to receive free information, updates, gifts, coupons and offers on a specific product. For example, competing migraine medications Imitrex and Relpax have set up competing information programs:

  • Join the MigraineCare Program. When you enroll, you’ll receive valuable information about managing and treating migraines…
  • CALM program. To sign up for the C.A.L.M. (Combating And Living with Migraines) program, simply fill out the form below.

Many of these programs don’t even reveal which medication is “sponsoring the offer”, and the medication name does not appear on the website or in the website URL. For example Detrol LA has its website geared to information about “overactive bladder” problems, but you can’t find any information on the site or the URL indicating that Detrol LA is sponsoring the site.

Probably the easiest way to find discounts for prescription drugs is through TV and magazine advertisements. Television and magazine ads often promote programs for more information on disorders, which lead to a website and sign-up.

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